How to Beat Your Competition With Google’s New Algorithm Update

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Are you ready to have Google, Facebook, and other powerful algorithms favor your website over your competitors?

Understanding how these algo’s rank is crucial to staying ahead of the curve. While there are many factors, the most important (by far) is your page load speed.  

Let’s talk reality… People will not wait; their ever shrinking short attention spans simply won’t allow it.  

In fact, 57 percent of visitors are already gone if your site doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds.   

All major traffic sources (search engines, social media, etc) are obsessed with providing the best experience to their users.  It doesn’t matter how good your content or offer is, if your page loads slowly, the algorithms remember. 

TRANSLATION:  If your site isn’t lightning fast – you’re not going to succeed online. 

Site Speed Averages

If you’re having any level of success online, you understand how often you’re modifying, adding to, testing your content… Figuring out what works best is a part of scaling any online business. 

RapidLoad will automatically update, always working to remove unused CSS as you go and ensuring you stay ahead of your competition.   

You don’t even have to be a developer to get it running.  Setting RapidLoad up is extremely easy and can be completed by anyone in less than five minutes.  

RapidLoad cuts down page size by an average of 75%!  When your page isn’t weighed down with unused CSS, your page speed increases, the algorithms smile upon you, and you end up with more conversions for less cost.  

Additional benefits: